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ISBN-10: 116921388X

ISBN-13: 9781169213883

ISBN-10: 1979837155

ISBN-13: 9781979837156

Sanditon (1817) is an unfinished novel by the English writer Jane Austen. In January 1817, Austen begun paintings on a brand new novel she called The Brothers, later titled Sanditon upon its first booklet in 1925, and accomplished twelve chapters sooner than preventing paintings in mid-March 1817, most likely simply because her disease avoided her from continuing.

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Download e-book for iPad: Elizabeth Gaskell - Oeuvres LCI/93 (French Edition) by

Ce quantity contient les oeuvres d'Elizabeth (Stevenson) Gaskell

CONTENU DE CE quantity :
RUTH (1853)
NORD ET SUD (1855)
AUTOUR DU couch (1859) : woman LUDLOW (1859) • UNE RACE MAUDITE. (1855) • l. a. DESTINÉE DES GRIFFITH. (1858) • LES DEUX FRÈRES. (1859) •
L’ŒUVRE D’UNE NUIT DE MAI : Cousine Phillis (1864) • L’Œuvre d’une nuit de mai (1863) • Le Héros du fossoyeur (1847)
Élisabeth Gaskell et ses ouvrages (1867)

Le structure LCI offre les garanties suivantes :
- une desk des matières dynamique permettant d'accéder facilement aux différentes oeuvres.
- des tables de matières détaillées associées à chaque oeuvre particulière (sauf si cela est inutile).
- une desk des matières intégrée NCX active.
- les notes présentes dans le texte sont accessibles par hyperliens.

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Read e-book online The Adventurous Four Again PDF

By Enid Blyton

ISBN-10: 0600304523

ISBN-13: 9780600304524

ISBN-10: 0603032907

ISBN-13: 9780603032905

Enid Blyton - The Adventurous 4 back, quantity 2

Back with Andy Again.
THREE very excited little ones bumped alongside a coarse state lane in a farmer's cart. The Scottish carter
sat in entrance, saving not anything, yet listening with a bit smile to the kid's chuffed voices.
"We shall see Andy back quickly! we have not visible him due to the fact our intriguing adventures final summer!" said
Tom, a red-haired boy of twelve.
"It was once undesirable good fortune getting measles within the Christmas hols, in order that we could not arise the following and remain in our
little cottage," stated Jill. She and her sister Mary have been twins, and have been very similar to one another. They each
had lengthy golden plaits and blue eyes, and have been more youthful than Tom.
Tom spoke to the carter. "Jock! Did you pay attention approximately our adventures final year?" he asked.
Jock nodded his head. He infrequently acknowledged a word.
The childrens, with their buddy Andy, had certainly had a few exciting adventures. they'd long past out in
Andy's father's fishing-boat sooner or later, and were stuck by means of a typhoon. they'd been swept miles out of
their path directly to a lonely island—and had came across a nest of enemy submarines within the waters there, hiding
to pounce on any ships that got here inside of their reach.
"And bad Andy misplaced his father's boat," stated Jill, remembering how afraid Andy have been of what his
father may perhaps say in regards to the misplaced boat.
"But it did not matter—because Andy was once given a miles, far better boat!" stated Mary. "And it was
called Andy—do you take into account, it had his identify painted on it? Wasn't Andy pleased?"
The fisher-boy have been more than happy. He have been choked with the best pride. the hot fishing
boat was once a powerful one, with a beautiful pink sail. Andy's father have been delighted too, for a fishingboat
meant his livelihood to him. Catching fish and promoting them was once his paintings and Andy's—and now
they had one of many most interesting boats at the coast...

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Download PDF by Ovide: Les Métamorphoses (French Edition)

By Ovide

ISBN-10: 0259064106

ISBN-13: 9780259064107

ISBN-10: 1528471385

ISBN-13: 9781528471381

ISBN-10: 2070385647

ISBN-13: 9782070385645

Dans son oeuvre majeure, poème en quinze livres, Ovide reprend les légendes grecques et décrit avec strength détails les differences des dieux et des hommes en animaux, plantes ou pierres.

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Download e-book for kindle: Flatland (illustré) (French Edition) by

ISBN-10: 2290054097

ISBN-13: 9782290054093

Edwin Abbott Abbott (20 décembre 1838 – 12 octobre 1926) professeur et théologien anglais, est surtout connu comme l'auteur de los angeles satire mathématique et de l'allégorie religieuse, Flatland, qui conte les aventures d'un Carré dont le monde plat est mis en reason par los angeles découverte de l'intrusion d'une Sphère.

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Get The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel (Annotated) PDF

ISBN-10: 1297559797

ISBN-13: 9781297559792

ISBN-10: 1518881602

ISBN-13: 9781518881602

* Annotated with writer biography.

"Nearly 5 years have long gone by!
Five years, because the charred ruins of grim Bastille - stone picture of Absolutism and of Autocracy - set the seal of victory upon the expression of a people's will and marked the start of that marvellous period of Liberty and of Fraternity which has led us step-by-step from the dethronement of a King, during the martryrdom of numerous innocents, to the tyranny of an oligarchy extra arbitrary, extra relentless, notably extra merciless, than any that the dictators of Rome or Stamboul ever dream of of their wildest thirst for strength. An period that sees a population continually clamouring for the Millennium, which ranting demagogues have by no means ceased to vow: a Millennium to be completed however during the extermination of Aristocracy, of Titles, of Riches, and the abrogation of Priesthood: via dethroned royalty and desecrated altars, via a military with out management, or an meeting with no power.
They have by no means ceased to prate, those frothy rhetoricians! And the folk went on, vaguely believing that at some point, quickly, that Millennium may definitely come, after seas of blood had purged the soil of France from the final vestige of bygone oppression, and after her little kids were massacred of their hundreds of thousands and their tens of millions, until eventually their headless our bodies had equipped up a veritable scaling ladder for the tottering ft of lustful climbers, and those of their flip had perished to make method for different ranters, different speech-makers, a brand new Demosthenes or long-tongued Cicero.
Inevitably those too perished, one after the other, without reference to their virtues or their vices, their mistakes or their beliefs: Vergniaud, the fanatic, and Desmoulins, the irresponsible; Barnave, the simply, and Chaumette, the blasphemer; Hébert, the carrion, and Danton, the facility. All, all have perished, one by one: sufferers in their greed and in their crimes - they and their adherents and their enemies. They slew and have been slain of their flip. They struck blindly, like raging beasts, such a lot of them for worry lest they too could be struck by means of beasts extra livid than they. All have perished; yet now not ahead of their iniquities have for ever sullied what could have been the main wonderful web page within the heritage of France - her struggle for Liberty. due to those monsters - and of a fact there have been just a couple of - the struggle, itself elegant in its beliefs, noble in its notion, has turn into abhorrent to the remainder of mankind."

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The Snail on the Slope (Rediscovered Classics) by PDF

ISBN-10: 0914091875

ISBN-13: 9780914091875

ISBN-10: 1538515156

ISBN-13: 9781538515150

ISBN-10: 1613737548

ISBN-13: 9781613737545

The Snail at the Slope takes position in worlds. One is the management, an establishment run by means of a surreal, Kafkaesque paperwork whose target is to manipulate the wooded area under. the opposite is the woodland, a spot of worry, bizarre creatures, primitive humans and violence. Peretz, who works on the management, desires to stopover at the woodland. Candide crashed within the woodland years in the past and desires to come to the management. Their trips are marvelous and unusual, and readers are left to puzzle out the mysteries of those international environments. The Strugatskys themselves known as The Snail at the Slope "the so much entire and significant" in their works.

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Anne of Green Gables (Dream Classics) by PDF

ISBN-10: 0451528824

ISBN-13: 9780451528827

ISBN-10: 1408400715

ISBN-13: 9781408400715

ISBN-10: 1840227842

ISBN-13: 9781840227840

ISBN-10: 1987465938

ISBN-13: 9781987465938

Marilla Cuthbert and Matthew Cuthbert, middle-aged siblings who stay jointly at eco-friendly Gables, a farm in Avonlea, on Prince Edward Island, choose to undertake a boy from an orphan asylum in Nova Scotia as a helper on their farm. via a chain of mishaps, the person that finally ends up lower than their roof is a precocious lady of 11 named Anne Shirley. Anne is vibrant and quickly, wanting to please yet upset along with her identify, her light countenance dotted with freckles, and together with her lengthy braids of crimson hair. Being a toddler of mind's eye, even though, Anne takes a lot pleasure in lifestyles, and adapts speedy, thriving within the setting of Prince Edward Island.

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